Save Big on Groceries By Shopping on This Day of the Week

Image: Groceries
Jaro Larnos under Creative Commons
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Don’t you just hate it when you buy something at the store, then return a day or two later to find the same item has gone on sale? (Cue “why I oughta” fist shaking.)

Thanks to a recent consumer data report, you can now avoid this buyer’s remorse at several major retailers. The report, as covered by Lifehacker’s Two Cents blog, shows when major retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon change their prices, which can save you all sorts of money and frustration.

Who knew picking the right day of the week to shop could net you serious savings?

Here are some other great ways to make the most of your shopping-trip savings (and even earn a little extra money, too):

Get Rebates

You don’t always have to clip coupons to save on groceries. By cleverly using the sites and, you can save around 10% on the stuff you buy every day. All it takes is a few clicks and about two minutes of your time.

Get Paid to Shop (For Yourself)

Check out these smartphone apps for some more cool ways to earn money for shopping, for groceries and more. (Definitely worth a check if you’ve only got time for one: Ibotta.)

Get Paid to Shop (For Others)

If you don’t mind grabbing some things for other people while you’re at the store, and then delivering those items, you can make $25 an hour as a personal shopper through Instacart. (Like this idea? Click to tweet it!)

Think Outside the Box

The big-box stores, that is. The app Boxed lets you bypass savings club membership fees and even ships your bulk items to you for free. Convenience and savings? Yes, please!

Know Your Store’s Secrets

Get most of your groceries in one trip to your local Target? Do a little research to learn the tricks of saving there. A quick search of “[your store’s name] + shopping + secrets” can net you similar savings hacks.

Slash Your Overall Grocery Budget

Are you spending more on groceries than you really need to? One woman managed to survive on only $4 a day. Others grow their own gardens to supplement their produce needs. Get creative and ask yourself if there aren’t cheaper ways to buy or make the things you’re currently purchasing.

Get Bonus Perks

With a little strategy, you can max out your credit card bonus points to earn things like frequent flier miles. One way to charge a lot while still saving? Use your credit cards to buy discount gift cards to your favorite stores. For other ideas, check out our post on creative ways to meet spending minimums.

Just be careful — this one’s only for those who can guarantee they’ll have the money to pay those big balances off as soon as the bill comes in. You won’t save anything if you wind up accruing interest!

Your Turn: How do you save (or even earn) money with your regular grocery runs?

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