Sniffling and Sneezing? These Seasonal Allergy Remedies May Help

If you’re reading this while surrounded by tissues, it means either you just saw the latest plot twist on The Walking Dead or you’re struggling with seasonal allergies.

Trees across the country are pumping out “catastrophically” high amounts of pollen, hitting the South particularly hard.

Over-the-counter meds help some allergy sufferers, while others end up at their doctor for a heavy-hitting prescription.

But medication isn’t your only allergy-relief option. Here are some other remedies to try when the pollen count is too high to manage.

  • A series of studies suggests that acupuncture may reduce allergy symptoms in some people.
  • The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends allergy sufferers combat pollen circulating in your home with an air purifier and by using a HEPA filter on your vacuum cleaner.
  • According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, saline nasal irrigation can significantly reduce nasal congestion in people with seasonal allergies.
  • The Mayo Clinic suggests people with environmental allergies stay indoors whenever possible when the pollen count is high. If you must go outside, change your clothes and take a shower when you get home to get rid of any pollen clinging to you.

If you have a flexible spending account, some of your allergy-prevention purchases may be covered.

Lisa McGreevy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She loves telling readers about affordable ways to stay healthy, so look her up on Twitter (@lisah) if you’ve got a tip to share.