This Free Tool Will Pay You $36 for Sharing Your Amazon Purchase History

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Do you shop on Amazon?

Silly question. Of you course you do. We all do — a lot.

It’s almost too easy. You’ll be on your computer and randomly think of something, look it up and bam! — ordered. Then it’s at your door in two days. (Thanks, Prime! Sorry, UPS!)

It probably won’t make up for all the purchases you make, but we found a tool that will actually pay you back $36 for some of the Amazon shopping you’ve already done… 

…at least, that’s how our brains like to see it.

How to Get Paid $36 for Sharing Your Amazon Purchase History

This is such an easy, passive way to rake in an extra $36 a year.

ShopTracker is operated by The Harris Poll, a survey company that measures U.S. public opinion.

In this case, it wants to see which products Amazon users purchase. When you sign up for ShopTracker, it keeps your private information, well, private.

All it wants to see is your order information, including the order date, product title, category, ISBN, release date, condition, seller, list price per unit, quantity and other details.

Can You Sign up for ShopTracker?

Before you start the simple download process, let us give you the basic requirements:

  • This will be a waste of time if you don’t shop on Amazon.
  • You must be 18 and live in the U.S.
  • You’ll need at least a Windows 7-compatible PC. If you have Windows XP or a Mac, it won’t work.

All good? Time to download.

How to Download ShopTracker and Start Earning Extra Money

The download process takes 3 minutes — tops.

Navigate over to ShopTracker, and enter your full name, birthday, street address, zip code and gender. This is the most personal the information will get.


Next question: How often do you use Amazon to make purchases? The Harris Poll is just making sure you qualify, so no need to lie to yourself on this one.


Second question: What type of Amazon account do you have? If you don’t have anything special, no worries — just select “None of the above.”


Finally, does your household have more than one Amazon account? If the answer is no, you won’t be disqualified. Go ahead and be honest.


That’s the end of the questions! The next screen will let you know if you’re qualified to sign up.

If you do qualify, it’ll outline the details: You’ll get a $3 Visa e-gift card code in your inbox each month. Once you accept it, the app automatically syncs to your Amazon account — so you don’t have to do anything, really.


Next step is to continue the download process. You’ll install the app and log into your Amazon account. Within 48 hours, you’ll get that Visa code, which you can accept.

If you keep this going for a year, you’ll get an extra $36. It’s not a ton, but it sure beats getting nothing back, right?