Globe Trot Via Laptop With These 9 YouTube Travel Channels

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Taking a vacation, especially one that’s easy on your wallet, is the perfect way to boost your energy and reboot your system. YouTube travel channels have plenty of ideas for your next trip, plus insider tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

Personally, my jam is watching lady teardroppers, like Mandy Lea and the Happy Camper Wives, as they tow their cute little teardrop-shaped campers all over the country. If you’re not into camping, there are still plenty of travel channels that take you all over the world.

Check out these amazing YouTube travel channels for a taste of adventure!

Samuel and Audrey

Samuel and Audrey are a young couple who decided to roam the world before putting down roots. Their adventure began in Seoul, Korea, where they taught English. From there, they traveled to Poland, India and Oxford, among other places.

These two are super cute together. Their videos mainly focus on local foods and tips for saving money, but occasionally they visit a trendy spot, like a unicorn cafe in Thailand.

Brooke Saward

Brooke Saward is an Australian woman on a solo adventure around the world. Her videos are fun and full of energy, just like her.

Her playlists are nicely organized by region, such as Europe and Africa. Another playlist is full of travel tips, like how to take solo travel photos.

Saward shows you around whatever city she’s visiting, but she also takes you through more specific tours, like the Harry Potter tour in London.

Tourist to Townie

Tourist to Townie is a little different than other YouTube travel channels. It’s hosted by Gareth Leonard, who left everything behind to follow his dream to travel the world. He doesn’t just want to visit places; he wants to live the life of the locals, which means he digs deep into the culture of any given location. For instance, in Tokyo, he visited the weirdest cafes and searched for an apartment.

Leonard also has practical advice. Because he’s a young, single man, he’s got great tips for other single dudes.


If you’re looking for wild adventures, FunforLouis is the perfect YouTube travel channel for you. Louis Cole, who has almost 2 million subscribers, records himself doing some of the most insane things you’ve ever seen, like paragliding and living in a hot tub bus.

What sets Louis Cole apart from other adventurous vloggers is that he’s willing to show you not only the epic highs of his trips, but also the terrible lows. For instance, while he was touring London, all his belongings were stolen!

Cole also travels to places that many people would avoid, like North Korea and Kenya, because he wants to explore the entire world, not just the safe places.

Andrea Dabene

Andrea Dabene travels to absolutely beautiful places. She’s a professional photographer, so it’s no surprise that her videos are practically works of art.

Dabene’s videos aren’t so much about finding out what the locals eat or shining a light on remote places; Rather, they are meant to inspire you to travel by showing you the most gorgeous footage she can.

Dabene uses traditional video methods, but she also has drone footage that gives you a whole new perspective on popular destinations. Her trip to Iceland looks amazing! And don’t miss her shots from a hotel room in Switzerland that’s 7,000 feet in the air.

Peter Bragiel

Peter Bragiel isn’t just vlogging his way across the world — he genuinely wants to connect with people in real-life and through YouTube. In fact, if you send him a postcard from where you live, he’ll send you a sticker!

Bragiel sets out on difficult journeys to challenge himself. He canoes down the Mississippi River, gets from Los Angeles to the Panama Canal using only public transportation and takes a wild ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway.


Most travel YouTubers are young and single, and their vacations can seem impossible to a family with small children. That’s where the Wanderlusts channel comes in.

John and Cara Macdonald decided to take a two-year honeymoon and travel the world. Along the way, they had two daughters, so they just hoisted them into backpacks and kept going.

Their travels take them abroad, like to Morocco and Kenya, but also to places in the United States, like Yellowstone National Park and Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.

Alex Chacon

Alex Chacon combines two of his loves for his YouTube travel channel: his motorcycle and his drone.

Chacon produces fascinating videos with his high-flying drone. His sizzle reel alone shows him taking drone selfies (“dronies”, as he calls them) in more than 50 countries.

Chacon’s quirky sense of humor is on full display, whether he’s biking through Nashville or declaring Iceland the most beautiful country in the world.

Although he mostly visits common tourist countries, he also treks to more dangerous places as an education, like the border of Syria and Israel.

Sonia’s Travels

Like other YouTube travel channels, Sonia’s Travels has dozens of lovely videos of fun and exciting destinations. She’s visited lots of sexy cities, like Paris, Milan and London.

However, creator Sonia Gil offers so much more than pretty videos. She has a veritable library of useful travel tips, like how much to tip in Europe and how to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled when you travel.

Be sure to check out her nicely sorted playlists to find more travel hacks, along with product reviews and videos from all of her destinations.

After watching these YouTube travel channels, you’ll be hard-pressed to stay home when you could be out discovering the world.

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