If You Buy Your Summer Flights on This Day, You Could Save 60%

when to buy plane tickets

Wanna get away this summer? Of course you do.

If the only thing standing in your way is the cost of a plane ticket, we’ve got some good news: Summer flights have decreased in price over the past year.

When compared to 2015, “overall domestic summer airfare (flights departing and returning during June, July or August), is down from a median price of $330 to $286,” reports travel search engine Hipmunk.

Even better, Hipmunk examined exactly when to buy plane tickets for summer travel — and according to its data, you’ve still got time to firm up your plans!

Keep reading for the details and dates…

When to Buy Plane Tickets for Summer Travel

Though none of the cheapest days to buy flights have passed us by yet, you’ll have to act soon if you’re traveling in early summer.

By booking ahead of time, you could save as much as 60% off last-minute tickets, reports Hipmunk.

If you want to travel on these popular holidays, for example, here are the timeframes when you should book, based on data from 2015:

Memorial Day: Five weeks prior (This year, that’s April 25.)

Fourth of July: Six weeks prior (This year, that’s May 23.)

Labor Day: Seven weeks prior (This year, that’s July 18.)

And if your dates are flexible, here are Hipmunk’s guidelines:

For the cheapest tickets, book “two months before the beginning of summer or five to seven weeks prior to their departure month, with a vacation in August needing the least amount of lead time and a vacation in July the most.”

These charts will help clarify when you should pull the trigger:

when to buy plane tickets june

when to buy plane tickets july

when to buy plane tickets august

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