Shop at Whole Foods? Go This Day Every Week to Save the Most Money

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Throw the old “Whole Paycheck” nickname to the curb. It’s about time to feel like a shopper in control at your local Whole Foods.

It’s true that organic and natural food items can come with higher price tags. But just because you want to eat healthy (or just really love those oven-fresh cookies in the bakery section) doesn’t mean you can’t shop smart at this grocery giant.

Stop digging in your couch cushions for spare change. Business Insider’s Mallory Schlossberg recently shared 22 ways to save money at Whole Foods. And the best tip on the list is just a matter of scheduling.

Wednesday = Whole Foods Day

On Wednesday, you can take advantage of double the number of sales as you can on other days of the week.

“New weekly sales start on Wednesday and run through the following Wednesday, so there are actually double sales every Wednesday,” Molly Siegler, culinary content coordinator at Whole Foods, told Business Insider.

It’s time to plan ahead for two weeks of sales in a single day. It might be a grocery shopper’s dream.

If you can get to Whole Foods on Wednesday, Siegler suggests making your meal plan and shopping list based around the weekly deals, rather than wandering aimlessly and picking up low prices on a whim. To get the scoop on sales, check Whole Foods’ sales flyers, printable coupons and The Whole Deal shopping guide.

But you might want to check the sales flyers on Tuesday night, too — on Wednesday, you’ll only be able to see the coming week’s sale items, even though the weekly sales overlap.

Fresh vs. Frozen

Here’s a bonus from the Business Insider list: Go ahead and buy frozen food at Whole Foods. You might feel compelled to buy fresh items because of the wholesome, healthy environment the store tries to create.

But if that fish isn’t local, the fillets you’re eyeing at the seafood counter have probably already been frozen for transport. Buying a frozen package of the same variety of fish could offer serious savings.

If it’s out-of-season fruit you’re craving, steer clear of the produce section. Head to the frozen aisle for lower prices on fruits and vegetables.You’ll get the same nutrients along with your savings.

Want to know how else you can save when you shop at Whole Foods? Read the post on Business Insider.

Your Turn: How do you save money when you shop at Whole Foods?

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