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This Work-From-Home Job Is Ideal For Experienced Digital Ad Copywriters

If you love experimenting with different data-driven approaches to write compelling digital ads, then you need to check out this gig.

JustAnswer, an online source for people to ask questions of experts in various fields, is hiring a work-from-home advertising copywriter.

The ideal candidate is a seasoned digital marketer with three years of experience in optimizing paid search ads. This person will write copy for multiple pay-per-click ads across different marketing verticals and use data-driven approaches to maximize conversions.  

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Ad Copywriter at JustAnswer

Pay: Not Specified

Responsibilities include:

  • Writing copy and manipulating extensions for pay-per-click ads at scale
  • Working with hundreds of keywords across a wide array of categories
  • Creating copy for customized landing pages to deliver an effortless user experience  
  • Using creative approaches to test multiple ad elements to drive return on advertising spending
  • Applying internal and industry metrics to data-driven copy decisions
  • Working with multiple teams to ensure brand quality and maximize conversions

Applicants for this position must:

  • Have at least three years experience optimizing paid search ads using large budgets across multiple verticals
  • Have experience creating full marketing campaigns tied to large-scale search engine marketing operations
  • Be able to write ad copy across multiple verticals, with flexible calls to action
  • Be able to craft creative but structured copy
  • Have an understanding of customers in a diverse e-commerce environment

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Matt Reinstetle is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.