This Company Will Give You $50 If It Can’t Find You Cheaper Car Insurance

A woman who could be excited about car insurance pokes her head out of the window of a moving car.
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When’s the last time you compared car insurance rates?

Rates can change month to month — even day to day.

Of course, there are those personal factors that affect your rate, including age, years of driving experience, marital status and credit history. Then, there are factors that are out of your control, like chances of extreme weather, how many other drivers in your area make claims and the algorithms used to forecast pricing.

That’s why experts encourage consumers to exercise their power and compare rates at least once a year — if not every six months.

This is one of those chores that seems way more difficult than it actually is. Shopping car insurance rates actually doesn’t need to take more than about five minutes if you use a mobile insurance brokerage like Cover.

Just download the Cover app (iOS or Android), and request a free quote.

Oh, and if you live in California or Texas, and Cover doesn’t find you a better rate than what you already have, it’ll give you a $50 gift card. Win-win!

Check Car Insurance Rates in 5 Minutes or Less With This App

Got five minutes? Here’s how to compare car insurance rates with Cover:

  1. Download the free Cover app.

  2. Create an account.

  3. Scan the barcode on the back of your license. (This speeds up the process a ton!)

  4. Enter information about you, your current insurance plan (if applicable), your vehicle and any other drivers on your plan.

That’s it. Cover compares more than 30 car insurance carriers and spits out its best estimate for you. Scroll down to review what’s included in the policy and get all the details.

If you like the rate, awesome. You’ll receive a text from a Cover adviser who’ll answer your questions. Then, hop on a quick phone call, and your adviser will apply any additional discounts and finish setting up your policy.

Californians and Texans: Can’t Find a Better Rate? Get $50

If your current rate is better than what Cover can find for you, then Cover’s ready to give California and Texas residents a $50 Amazon gift card.

When chatting with your adviser, mention this promotion and they’ll prompt you to send over your current insurance declaration pages for proof. Cover will review to make sure you meet the qualifying criteria.

For California residents:

  • No accidents or violations in the past three years; no major violations in the past 10 years.
  • A valid license for more than three years (with the last 18 months in the U.S.).
  • No prior experience with Cover.

In Texas, you must meet the above requirements, plus:

  • At least six months of continuous insurance with the same provider.
  • No claims on your driving record.
  • Are 22 years or older.

If you meet all the criteria, you’ll get your gift card via email in the next day or two.

Once you’ve taken care of your auto insurance, use Cover to compare homeowners and renters insurance, too.

See? That wasn’t so bad!

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a personal finance writer at The Penny Hoarder.