Class Action Alert: Sony, Revlon and BMW Could Owe You Money

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You know the happiness that comes with finding a bit of forgotten cash in your pocket? Well imagine having that feeling all the time.

That’s exactly the reaction that comes with finding a class-action settlement check in your mailbox. It may not always be a lot, but who doesn’t love free money?

A lot of settlements take only a few minutes to file, so take a look below and let us know which ones you end up claiming. I filed for the Similasan Homeopathic and Revlon DNA Advantage settlements in less than five minutes.

1. Drew’s All Natural Salad Dressing

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If you bought Drew’s All Natural Salad Dressings or Quick Marinades between June 15, 2011 and Feb. 15, 2017, you could get up to $10 from this settlement.

A class-action lawsuit accused Drew’s LLC of mislabeling certain products as all-natural when they contained synthetic ingredients. According to the plaintiff, the ingredients in question include xanthan gum and citric acid.

The settlement covers the following 12-ounce bottles of Drew’s dressings and marinades: Chipotle Ranch, Creamy Buttermilk Ranch, Greek Olive, Honey Mustard, Lemon Tahini Goddess, Poppy Seed, Raspberry, Roasted Garlic & Peppercorn, Romano Caesar, Rosemary Balsamic, Sesame Orange, Shiitake Ginger, Smoked Tomato, Soy Ginger, Thai Sesame Lime and Thousand Island.

Consumers who file a claim and include a proof of purchase can receive 50 cents for each bottle of Drew’s dressing they bought for a maximum refund of $10. Those without receipts can claim up to $1.50 worth of dressing. In addition to the refund, the Drew’s will give each claimant a coupon worth $3 off a six-bottle case of its salad dressings and marinades.

The deadline to submit a claim for this settlement is July 15, 2017.

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2. FirstMerit Bank Overdraft Fees

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FirstMerit Bank account holders who were charged an overdraft fee between March 16, 2005 and Aug. 13, 2010 can get a portion of a $15.975 million settlement, which includes $8.975 million in cash settlements and $7 million in debt forgiveness.

According to the lawsuit, FirstMerit Bank intentionally posted debit card transactions out of order so it could charge customers more overdraft fees. The plaintiffs claimed that if FirstMerit Bank posted transactions in chronological order, many of its customers would not have been assessed these fees.

Affected account holders who submit a claim can receive an equal share of the $8.975 million settlement fund. A separate $7 million fund will forgive accounts with negative balances.

FirstMerit Bank customers do not need to file a claim for debt forgiveness, as they will automatically benefit unless they opt out of the settlement.

Those who wish to file a claim for the FirstMerit Bank overdraft fees class-action settlement must do so no later than June 19, 2017.

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3. Sony VAIO Notebook (California, New Jersey Only)

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If you bought a Sony VAIO Notebook in California or New Jersey between March 16, 2006 and Jan. 4, 2017, you could get up to $200 from this class-action settlement.

The lawsuit claimed certain VAIO laptops have a defective trackpad (also called a touchpad). The plaintiffs said this defect made the trackpad inoperable at times causing cursor issues like freezing and erratic movement.

Under the terms of the settlement, Sony will pay 65% of affected consumers’ out-of-pocket repair expenses with a maximum payout of $200 or 65% of any workaround purchase (e.g. auxiliary mouse or touchpad) with a cap of $60. Class members who cannot provide documentation that they repaired their notebook or purchased a workaround but did in fact have their touchpad fixed, can submit a claim for $25. Consumers who purchased a VAIO laptop during this class period but do not meet these criterias can submit a claim form and receive a $5 payout.

Sony VAIO laptops covered by this settlement include series SZ, FZ, NW, EB or F.

Affected VAIO owners must submit a claim form and any relevant documentation by June 5, 2017.

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4. Revlon DNA Advantage Cosmetics

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Did you buy Revlon DNA Advantage concealer, cream foundation or powder between April 25, 2011 and June 30, 2016? If so, you could get $3 per item from this Revlon settlement!

A class-action lawsuit brought by two consumers in 2014 claimed Revlon tricked consumers into believing “DNA Advantage” cosmetics had the ability to “reverse, minimize, slow, or otherwise ‘defy’ the process of aging.” The plaintiffs argued that reasonable consumers wouldn’t have purchased these products if they knew the term “DNA Advantage” simply meant that Revlon included ingredients that would offer users UV protection.

Revlon denied the allegations but agreed to pay $900,000 to resolve the class-action and avoid litigation.

Affected consumers can file a claim for up to three products without a receipt and get $9. To claim more than three products, you must include a proof of purchase along with your claim form.

Hurry, you have until June 5, 2017 to file a claim!

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5. Similasan Homeopathic Products

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If you bought Similasan homeopathic products between Feb. 10, 2008 and April 12, 2017, you can get either a full refund or cash payout from this $700,000 class-action settlement. A class-action lawsuit accused the maker of Similasan-brand products of misleading consumers into believing its homeopathic remedies could effectively treat numerous ailments.

Some of the Similasan products covered by the settlement include: Allergy Eye Relief, Baby Gas & Colic Relief Tablets, Baby Teething + Tooth Support Tablets, Dry Eye Relief, Ear Wax Relief, Hay Fever Relief, Itch Relief, Junior Cold & Mucus Relief, Junior Immune Support, Kids Allergy Eye Relief and Kids Cold & Mucus Relief.

Under the terms of the settlement, Similasan is offering customers a full refund if they can provide a proof of purchase with their claim form. Those who file a claim for the Similasan settlement without submitting a receipt will get an estimated cash payout of $5 to $10.

To benefit from this settlement, affected consumers must file a claim by Sept. 7, 2017.

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6. BMW 6 Series Convertible Top


If you currently own, or once owned or leased a 2004 to 2010 BMW 6 Series convertible, you could benefit from a class-action settlement. The 2004 to 2010 BMW 6 Series’ convertible tops allegedly contain a defect that doesn’t allow them to fully open or close. The lawsuit claimed the faulty convertible top would also cause a “top not locked” indicator to appear on the vehicle’s dashboard.

BMW will reimburse any 6 Series owners who’ve repaired the defect. To receive reimbursement for the repairs, consumers must file a claim form and submit documentation including the vehicle identification number, an invoice describing the repairs made, and proof that payment was made for the repair.

Consumers who haven’t paid out of pocket to fix the issue can get a free software upgrade at an authorized BMW center. This update includes a four-year or 50,000-mile (whichever comes first) limited warranty from the date of the service.

To benefit from this settlement, affected owners must submit a claim form along with the required documents by June 19, 2017.

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7. Joe’s Jeans ‘Made In USA’

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Did you buy Joe’s Jeans or Hudson Clothing items between Jan. 7, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2015? If so, you could get a free tote bag (worth $55) or t-shirt (valued at $68) as part of a $425,000 class-action settlement.

A lawsuit accused the clothing manufacturer of labeling certain products as “Made in USA” despite them including foreign parts. According to the plaintiffs, mislabeling these items as “Made in USA” when they included foreign-made components is a violation of California’s false advertising law.

To get a t-shirt or tote bag from this settlement, you must submit a claim form and information about the affected clothing, including its style number and SKU. The last day to file for this settlement is June 19, 2017.

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Melissa LaFreniere is the news editor of She finds money in her jean pockets at least once a month.