Earn $10-$20/Hour Completing Mini-Jobs Around Town for FieldAgent

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Apps here, apps there, apps everywhere: as Apple products continue catching consumer fire it seems like there an app for everything.

Some are weird and novel, some useful; others are suited to your particular hobbies, tastes, interests and personality. And some apps will even pay you to use them…

Case in point: are you interested in performing small jobs and menial tasks close to home? Check this out…

Completing Jobs for Field Agent…

Penny Hoarder readers know that small amounts add up to big savings. Of course, the same is true of individual income and earnings: small side jobs unrelated to your day job can easily add up to big bucks over time. Here’s how the Field Agent app works:

  1. First, a Client (business owner, etc. connected to the Field Agent app network) needs information on a product in your area.
  2. The Client sends a job request to Field Agents (you, if you are nearby).
  3. You sign up for the job on your iPhone and it’s off to the races.

Field Agent app tasks are simple: scanning barcodes with your iPhone, checking prices at your local grocery store and conducting field surveys. Perform a job while you are running errands and you might even take a chunk off the next Walmart bill.


Sounds Simple, but How Much Money Can You Make?

Payouts vary and depend on the job and area that you are in. For example, as I write, a job is posted in Mission Viejo, California instructing a Field Agent to take 4 separate photos of products in the toothbrush section of the local Target. This particular gig pays 9 dollars.

And in Brooklyn, New York, a Field Agent can jump in to a local Toys “R” Us store, snap a shot of the $19.99 & Under video game display and zip out a healthy $5.50 richer. Remember though: you’re in this to make money; don’t bust out the plastic when you see a new Xbox 360 game nearby that you’ve been itching to buy.

Field Agent job payouts typically (payable through PayPal) vary between 2-8 bucks. Most of the jobs only take 5 minutes, so the real time involved is with driving to each location. Still with travel time and gas, you could easily make $10-$20/hour completing mini-jobs.

App Availability

App stands for application. App should stand for two things: Application and Apple. As of now the Field Agent app is free and works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Also, the app works in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

It even works in Australia. Just make sure to keep the iPhone or iPad away from kicking kangaroos, Fosters Beer and that legendary Outback fella Crocodile Dundee. 🙂

Check out FieldAgent.net for more information.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!