How to Earn Extra Money Participating in Online Juries

Let’s take a moment and count all the reasons why people hate jury duty.

  1. You don’t have a choice
  2. Cramped in a stuffy courthouse
  3. Stuck with eleven other strangers who are just as miserable  as you
  4. You don’t know how long you are going to be in jury duty
  5. At most, you can expect a mere $50 per day
  6. You can be fined or jailed for being late
  7. Hours and hours of legal argument

With a list like that, it’s pretty hard to get excited about jury duty. However, I wonder if jury duty could be fun – or at least, tolerable. What if you could:

  1. Wear your pajamas while on jury duty?
  2. Attend from the comfort of your bedroom?
  3. Turn down cases you aren’t interested in?
  4. Get paid roughly $10 to $20 per hour?

If that’s the kind of jury duty you would sign up for, then there’s good news. There are plenty of online sites, that will pay you to do just that…

What is Online Jury Duty?

Many trials have millions of dollars at stake and winning or losing is all hinged on an attorney making a compelling argument in front of a jury. The problem most lawyers have is that they don’t always know how a jury will receive their arguments. How disposed is one individual when two sides of an argument is presented? Picking the best legal argument is not as easy as it might seem.

Online jury duty is an effective way to help lawyers prepare for trial by offering them the opportunity to have a jury audience hear their case and get feedback from people who could potentially sit on a jury. Your input could mean be a critical ingredient to legal success.

How Online Jury Duty Works

Online jury duty is also easy to participate in and most online jury sites work the same way. Once you register, your information goes into a jury pool, where you are either selected at random or for your particular location or criteria.

Once selected, you are sent files with text or audio so that you hear arguments from both sides of a case. Once you’ve finished with the case materials, you fill out a questionnaire about the case.

What Online Jury Sites are Available?

Trial Juries – They pay roughly $30 a case, more if you are selected for a more complicated case.

Online Verdict – Pays between $20 and $60 dollars a case depending on complexity.

eJury – Pays $5 – $10 per case, depending on length

You may not be able to avoid listening to legal arguments, online juries do allow you to earn a little extra money and you never have to step foot in a courtroom.

So, would you participate in an online jury? Or does it seem as much as a nightmare as the real thing? 🙂

Good luck Penny Hoarders!