How This Busy Mom Gets Cash Back Easily From Her Online Purchases

Aimee B. juggles a corporate 9-to-5 career and manages a blog while raising her son.

Sometimes she’s forced to trade bedtime stories for business dinners, but she’s always sure to video chat her “little man” to say goodnight.

“My time is worth a lot,” Aimee says. “An hour of my time saved is absolutely worth its weight in gold.”

So she does the majority of her shopping online — about 90% of it, she estimates. She stocks up on groceries, clothes and household necessities without leaving home.

She’s always after a bargain, too. Actually, in the past two years, Aimee has recouped $1,000 while shopping online.


She signed up for Capital One Shopping Price Protection, a price-adjustment tool that helps you get money back for your online purchases when an item’s price drops.

How to Claim Cash Back You’re Owed

Many retailers have price-adjustment policies. That means if you’ve purchased an item and its price drops during a designated timeframe, you’re entitled to compensation — typically a refund of the difference.

Say you buy a toaster for $19.99, and its price drops to $14.99 a few days later. Depending on the retailer, you’re entitled to that $5 difference.

But here’s the catch: Aimee, like many of us, is busy. She doesn’t have time to keep a log of her online purchases and each retailer’s price-adjustment policy.

That’s where Capital One Shopping Price Protection steps in. It tracks your online purchases for you.

When Aimee heard about Price Protection from Capital One® , she wanted to give it a try. All she had to do was sign up with her email address. Easy enough.

Since then, she hasn’t had to do a whole lot to earn refunds.

When Price Protection detects a price drop, it sends her an email. It’ll either let her know it’s already claimed the difference for her and that her card will be credited, or it’ll outline simple instructions on how to contact the retailer.

Capital One Shopping Price Protection is totally free to sign up for and use.

Brought to you in partnership with Capital One Shopping Price Protection. To sign up for Capital One Shopping Price Protection, use the email address you use for online shopping receipts. Capital One Shopping Price Protection scans your inbox for receipts from stores it monitors. Savings may vary based on purchase type and merchant.

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.