How to Get Paid to Be a Better Person

As a society, we know that it’s a good idea to reward a child for doing the right thing. If little Johnny returns the neighbor’s lost cat, he collects a finder’s fee. Parents award their kids a weekly allowance for completing chores? If a child gets all “A”s in school, mom and dad take her to her favorite restaurant. As a child, doing the right thing is profitable.

It makes me wonder. If adults could get rewarded for accomplishing small feats, would we struggle losing a few pounds? Spending more time with our families? Eating five fruits and vegetables each day?

If you miss the days of getting rewarded for being a better person then is definitely a site worth checking out.

How does work? rewards you for completing personal goals, called feats, that help improve your life and the lives of others.

What kinds of goals? After signing up, some suggestions that popped up for me were playing more with my dog, reducing my stress and writing my significant other a love letter. When life gets busy, these are all things that I tend to push aside.

Every time I complete one of these goals, I earn points. The difficulty of the feat determines the amount of points that I earn. The points are redeemable for various prizes. Most commonly, I find gift cards like a $5 for Ebay. Coupons are also available.

Aside from feats you can sign up for challenges. Challenges are a group of feats that accomplish an overall goal. Cutting meat out of your diet would be a good example. Since challenges are harder to complete they are worth more points.

How Does Earn Money?

It’s free to subscribe and most challenges are very easy to accomplish. How does earn money and afford the prizes for its membership? It sounds a little too good to be true. works with large companies like Walgreens and Ebay. These companies pay a fee or provide prizes to be sponsors. It’s good marketing for companies and provides the money needed to keep running and members earning rewards.

How Useful is the Site?

If you are someone that needs a little help setting and accomplishing goals, then you’ll find this site very useful. There are tons of feats to choose from, like spirituality, health, family and community service. The best part is that the site is very approachable and takes only a little effort to get started.

My only complaint is that you’ll be working on your feats for a while before you earn enough to for a reward (a $5 Ebay card is 2,500 points to redeem). It could easily be a month worth of accomplishments.

Still, if you like making money online in your spare time, why not do so while establishing a life-long habit that is good for you and the ones you love?

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

Update: A special thanks to the reader who told me about DailyFeats! If you have any money making tips you’d like to share, please email me at [email protected].