How to Save More Money & Play the Lottery for Free

My significant other and I rarely have disagreements over our finances, but the one spending habit that we disagree on is whether to play the lottery.

I know it’s only a few bucks a week, but it irks me to spend money on tickets. In my mind, it’s just throwing away money each week.

So needless to say, I was pretty excited to find a website that gives you free lottery tickets as a reward for saving money. Let me explain…

How Works

The site is called and it is not all that different than You enter your financial accounts like your bank account, retirement account and credit card. SaveUp will help you establish a budget and then rewards you for making good financial decisions.

Each time you pay down debt or save money, you earn credits from the site. Those credits can then be used to enter into drawings for various prizes. The more you save or pay down debt, the more credits you earn and the more entries you can make.

What are the Lotteries Like?

Since the incentive for is centered on winning prizes from its various lotteries, the website offers a number of ways to play.

You earn credits by making good financial decisions. For each dollar you save or pay down debt, you are awarded one credit. It takes 10 credits to enter into one of the drawings. However, you are limited to 3 plays a day. You can increase your number of plays through referrals. has three different drawings for you to enter. There are instant wins, weekly drawings and a monthly drawing.

For instant wins, you spend your credits and choose between various games just like scratch-off tickets. If you win the game, you win the prize instantly. Instant win prizes include trips, cars, scholarships and much more. Currently, they are advertising a $5,000 trip to New York City.

There are also weekly drawings to enter. These drawings usually give away gift cards or consumer electronics. For example, a $200 gift card for your local grocery store.

The monthly drawing doesn’t change. The jackpot is $2 million in cash and the winner is picked on the last day of every month.

There is also an option to pool your plays with your friends. This increases your chances of winning, although you’ll be splitting the jackpot with your pool.

Can You Trust

I know what you are thinking? Can I trust this site with all my financial information?

Well, that’s a decision you’re going to have to make. They’ve been featured in the New York Times, Reuters, Family Circle, etc. and so far I’ve had a pleasant experience using their system. I feel comfortable using it and recommending it to you. states in their terms that they do not sell any of your financial information. The site protects its subscriber’s sensitive information with encryption software purchased from Intuit. While, I don’t think that it is impossible for identity theft to occur, it does seem that is taking serious steps to protect their customers.

In my mind this in a win-win situation. Either I win the $2 million bucks or I save a ton of money. Either way, I’ll take it. 🙂

Good luck Penny Hoarders!