Make Hundreds by Creating and Selling Decorative Egg Shells

Decorated Egg

An early form of art and prized by many civilizations as a symbol of fertility due to its unique shape, the egg has many more purposes aside from satisfying your hunger. Throughout the world, there are many artists who decorate (even even carve) egg shells into beautiful works of art that can be sold for hundreds of dollars each. If you’re a creative person who has a gentle touch, egg decorating could be a great way to bring in a few extra hundred dollars each month!

Follow these tips and tricks to ensure your masterpieces can be created and sold quite easily.

Prep the Surface

Before you can paint, carve, or otherwise bedazzle your egg shell, you need to fully empty and clean it so it’s free from any diseases or contaminants that might have been passed along from the birds who once handled it. The easiest way to blow out the egg is to put a hole on either end of the egg and blow out the contents (using a syringe, an egg blower, or even your mouth). After you’ve removed all the contents, you’ll need to fully rinse the shell and then dry it. An effective method for drying the shell is to zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds or bake them in the oven for ten minutes (this can also help to make the shell stronger).

Create the Designs

Once the shell is completely prepped, you will then decide who you want to create the art–you can carve it, paint it, dye it, etc. If you’re adhering anything to the shell directly, it helps to run some sandpaper over the shell to create more grip for the glue or epoxy. If you’re going to carve the shell, consider using a high-speed Dremel to make intricate cuts, etc. One popular form of art using eggshells is the creation of Christmas ornaments.

Sell Your Work

After honing your craft and creating various pieces of art, you should then investigate options to sell your work. You could choose to list them on eBay, have an Etsy store, or even display your work at local craft fairs and festivals.

How Much Can You Make?

Depending on which type of shell you use and how detailed your design is, eggshell art can be sold for anywhere from $10/each for ornaments to $500+ for ostrich and emu eggs that have been hand-painted (while I was researching this post, I browsed eBay listings and found one for an ostrich egg selling for $499 and a painted emu egg for $129).

You could even launch your own website to sell your art such as those of Eggcentricity and Elegant Egg. With the right mix of marketing and inventory, selling eggshell art can be a fun way to make hundreds of dollars or more per year!


Good Luck, Penny Hoarders!