4 Startups Hiring Work-From-Home Employees Right Now (Benefits are Insane!)

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Benefits are almost more important than pay these days.

I quickly realized this when I entered the workforce. Health insurance, paid vacation days, unlimited sick days, technology stipends and work-from-home days? That’s worth a heck of a lot more than a couple extra dollars on my paystub.

So when I came across these work-from-home jobs (a huge perk in and of itself) with awesome benefits, I wanted to share them with you.

4 Work-From-Home Jobs with Awesome Benefits

Below, you’ll find customer-oriented jobs at four startups with insane perks, including education credits, paid trips to Norway, unlimited Starbucks and mandatory birthday holidays.

Interest piqued? Mine too, so you better hurry up and get on these!

1. Customer Happiness Specialist at Acuity Scheduling

Best. Job. Listing. Ever. Yup, I’m totally making that statement — and it sounds like the company is pretty sweet, too.

Acuity Scheduling is a 10-year-old online scheduling company (I like the sound of that) based in New York City. And it has a BIG personality.

The job listing is written as a dating ad: “While I don’t usually do this sort of thing, I figured it was time to ‘put myself out there’ and see if, just maybe, the right person might be reading on the other side of the screen.”

The right person will be a human who loves to talk, email and live chat with other humans. Said human will help solve customer problems — even if it’s just a “forgot my password” issue. The human gets bonus points if you can handle some basic coding and create videos.

And Acuity promises to treat its new human with care. First, pay ranges from $45,000-$65,000, depending on experience and skills. The company also says they cover 100% of employees’ medical, dental and vision premiums. Employees also receive a 401(k) and get an annual $5,000 credit for continuing education.

Interested in a first date — err, interview? Apply online.

2. Customer Success Engineers at Appear.in

This Norway-based startup currently employs 18 individuals but is growing rapidly. Appear.in specializes in one-click video conversations.

Right now, it’s recruiting a customer support engineer — someone who will make “customers the happiest people around.” Up for the task?

You’ll help resolve technical issues and collect customer feedback. You’ll also work alongside the product team to build tools that’ll help with the quality of support.

Because of the amount of techiness required, Appear.in wants someone who has a background in computer science, informatics or IT. Plus, you should be eager to continue learning.

For you? Not only will you get to work from home, you’ll travel to Norway (for free) for team-building trips. I’m sold!

If you’re interested (in the job and Norway), apply online.

3. Customer Support Agent at InVision

InVision describes itself as a design collaboration platform (that doesn’t require a single line of code — score!).

In fact, it’s the world’s leading platform of its sort, with more than 2 million designers, product managers and marketers flocking to the product. These startups and agencies include big names, like Uber, Evernote and Twitter.

Now, it needs someone who can help out with customer support — working with customers to answer any questions.

As a customer support agent, you’ll possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. And you’ve gotta have the personality down: “You’re a natural-born evangelist with infectious enthusiasm,” the listing states. “You’re flexible, love having many irons in the fire, and have the skills to stay organized and on top of it all.”

It’ll help if you have knowledge in design practices and tools (preferred, not required). You also must be located in U.S. eastern or central time zones.

Ah, yes, the perks. “Each InVision team member is given the freedom and tools to do their best work from wherever they choose.” So that means you can work from home — or wherever, really.

You’ll also have a flexible vacation policy, unlimited Starbucks cards (WHAT!?) and unlimited access to books related to your job.

So grab your last paid cup of Starbucks and apply online today.

4. Customer Success Engineer at TaxJar

TaxJar wants someone who’s “hungry” for this position — for the computer type of cookies, probably

This startup helps ecommerce sellers navigate the murky waters of sales taxes. It caters to more than 5,000 business, including Erin Condren (as in the agendas), MailChimp, Marvel and Sony.

Even more impressive? The company is fully remote, with employees stationed across the United States. And now it needs a customer success engineer who will work with customers to resolve technical issues.

In order to snag this job, you’ll need plenty of technical experience and exposure to programming. You should be able to communicate with customers on the phone and via email. You’ve got to be accountable, agile, humble and a team player. Always be willing to learn something new.

Oh, and the benefits are awesome. Not only is the job a work-from-home type, it also offers a competitive salary; full health, dental and vision coverage; unlimited vacay; mandatory birthday holidays; a free Amazon Prime membership; a free Kindle or Fitbit; free Spotify Premium; and monthly gym reimbursements — to name a few.

If you’re interested, apply online.

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Your Turn: What’s your dream job benefit?

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