Calling All Ye Travel Experts: Apply To This Work-From-Home Job Today

Are you passionate about traveling on a budget?

Do your friends ask you about the latest travel hacks and cheapest days to fly? (Spoiler: It’s Tuesday and Wednesday.)

Do you scour the internet before purchasing your own ticket? Do you plan vacations based on the cheapest travel fares?

Most importantly: Do you know some good pirate puns?

Travel Pirates rounds up the best travel deals, and it’s hiring full-time, work-from-home travel deal hunters and editors.

How You Can Become the Next Travel Deal Hunter

Are you ready to hop aboard with all hands on deck? (Ugh, I keep reading this in the pirate voice from “SpongeBob SquarePants.”)

Anyway, as a travel deal hunter, you’ll research the best travel products online, as well as create and develop articles to help readers. And there’s a lot of them: Travel Pirates has nearly 8 million Facebook followers.

If you’re interested, there are some planks you must walk first. Perhaps most importantly, you should know how to research travel deals. (Hi. You can always use The Penny Hoarder as a source.)

You should also have a keen sense for details. Think about all the fine print and asterisks involved in travel deals. You also should have some experience in online editorial work, though the posting doesn’t disclose a specific number of preferred years.

Although the online startup is based in Berlin, the group of 180 employees operates 11 websites from 37 countries in seven languages. Its U.S. headquarters are in East Cambridge, Massachusetts.

But don’t get discouraged if you’re not in the New England area. Travel Pirates strongly encourages anyone — no matter your landlocked location — to apply for these jobs. Remote candidates will work from home on a freelance basis.

I reached out to the pirates to find out more about pay and benefits, so I’ll update this once I hear back.

Until then, all you swashbucklers, get yer booty in gear (not the treasure kind), and draft a cover letter outlining your experiences with travel research tools. Then submit this simple, straightforward application.

Fair winds, my friends.

Your Turn: Will you apply to be a travel pirate?

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) be a junior writer at th’ Penny Hoarder. After recently completin’ graduate sword fightin’ academy, she focuses on savin’ doubloons — ’n survivin’ th’ move back in wit’ her parents.