This Smart Tool Can Help You Earn 7% Cash Back Every Time You Book a Hotel

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Some people work to pay their bills.

I work to afford my travel addiction.

Sometimes I’ll sit at my desk and daydream about sipping a Mai Tai by a sparkling pool, or coming back from a day at the beach to a bed I didn’t have to make.

My dreams look like the Four Seasons, but my budget is more Motel 6.

Ebates’ newest feature understands the plight of the broke post-grad who wants to make her travel dreams a reality.

The site already works with more than 2,000 retailers to offer shoppers up to 40% cash back on purchases, including travel related stuff like airfare, car rentals, and luggage.

But Ebates just upped its savings game with a new feature: Ebates Hotels.

How to Use Ebates Hotels to Get 7% Cash Back

The new vertical allows you to book your hotel directly through Ebates and earn up to 7% cash back on every stay.

That’s major moolah compared to other hotel cash-back deals.

Here’s how its competitors stack up:

  • Hotwire Hotels: 4%
  • Priceline Hotels: 4%
  • Travelocity Hotels: 4%
  • 2%
  • Expedia Hotels: 1.5%

Even the long list of individual hotel partnerships on Ebates normal site only range from 1%-4.5% cash back.

For example, let’s say you want to book a room at the Howard Johnson. If you book your stay through Ebates, you’ll normally only get 2.5% cash back.

However, you’ll get 7% back for booking the same hotel through Ebates Hotels (before taxes and fees, of course).

But how do Ebates’ rates compare to other travel sites?

I searched the Howard Johnson Enchanted Land hotel in Kissimmee, Florida (close to Disney), for the same random Saturday night on a few different sites.

  • Expedia: $48
  • Priceline: $48
  • Howard Johnson: $48

Ebates Hotels’ rate is actually $48 as well — but the price is shown along with the predicted cash back taken out of the total.

So you won’t see savings right at booking, but don’t be disappointed: You’ll get your cash back in a Big Fat Check when you cash it out.

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