This Sneaky Trick Can Help You Save Up to $17 on Uber Rides This Month

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I enjoy hunting down coupon codes and finding rebate offers, but I’d kind of given up on saving money when I request Uber rides.

Unless I wanted to become a new customer by signing up over and over with 10 different email addresses… or invite friends to sign up, but they’re already members… so I didn’t have much hope to save.

But Ibotta, a cash-back app, is handing out $17 for Uber rides for a limited time — and it’s so easy.

How to Earn $17 Back on Uber Rides

Ibotta is classically known for its cash-back offers on grocery items, but it’s quickly expanding.

I’m learning to look for offers when I go out to eat, hit the bars and now when I take an Uber.

You can now earn up to $17 in Uber deals when you take seven rides by August 31.

The offers include:

  • A $5 ride credit after three rides
  • Another $5 ride credit after four additional rides
  • $1 back for each ride — up to seven total

Do the math… that’s $17.

I took advantage of this offer last weekend. I applied a $5 coupon on my first ride and earned $3 back on all three. (We were bar hoppin’.) I also earned a $1 mobile shopping bonus, so that totaled $9 that I saved.

To cash out these Uber deals, go ahead and sign up for Ibotta. (Use that link and you’ll get a $5 bonus when you earn your first rebate.)

Once you’re on the app, find the Uber deal. It’ll show up under featured stores as soon as you open it. Click “Shop at Uber,” and the app will open Uber for you. Go about your normal Uber-hailing business. Once your ride is complete, Ibotta automatically adds the money to your account.

If you earn a $5 ride credit, Ibotta emails you the code. Simply navigate to your Uber app, tap “Payment,” then “Add Promo/Gift Code.”

Pro tip: As the night wears on, do NOT forget to open Uber through Ibotta… I’ve learned this from experience.

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s earned nearly $50 back on Ibotta since signing up three months ago.