Sprint is Offering Verizon Customers a Free Year of Service for Switching

Photographer Heather Comparetto looks at her cell phone at The Penny Hoarder office.
Sharon Steinmann/The Penny Hoarder
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It’s the middle of the month, and you’re already getting those text messages from your smartphone provider.

You’ve used all your data. We’ve automatically added some extra for the low, low price of $284. If you use that, we’ll go ahead and keep stacking it up so your cell phone bill hits a record of $10,000 this month.

OK, so the messages aren’t that snarky — nor are you paying that much for extra data, I hope — but sometimes that’s how it feels, especially after getting a few of these.

But there’s a sweet Sprint promo going on right now for you Verizon folks. Sign up for a year of unlimited data and save $900.

Why It Might Be the Perfect Time to Change Smart Phone Plans

This deal goes out to all you Verizon users.

Sprint is upping the competition against Verizon.

It’s called Sprint’s One Year Free Service offer, and that’s just what it is: a year of free, unlimited service.

Here’s how this Spring promo works:

  1. Keep your Verizon phone. There’s no need to go get a new one (especially if you just splurged for that sleek iPhone 8).
  1. Check to see if your unlocked phone is eligible to join Sprint’s network.
  1. Order a new SIM card from Sprint. It’s $2.99 per card with $10 shipping. But Sprint overnights it to you, so you can hop on the plan sooner than later.
  1. Activate your phone and enjoy a year of free service!

Honestly, it all seems pretty hassle-free.

But there’s got to be an asterisk, right? Some tiny, tiny print we’re missing? Or a man blubbering on at the end of the commercial, too fast to understand? Let’s find out.

What This Sprint Promo for Free Data Actually Includes

Compared to Verizon’s unlimited data plan, Sprint says this switch will save you at least $900 — in just one year.

If you’re switching two lines, you’ll save an annual estimated $1,560; three lines saves you $1,800; or for the whole family of four, you could save $1,920.

You’ll get unlimited data, talk and text for free for the first year. You’ll keep your phone and phone number. (Whew, no awkward Facebook status that’s fishing for your crush’s number.) You also don’t have to sign an annual contract or pay any activation fees; just get the SIM card.

Additionally, you’ll get HD streaming video, as well as 10GB of hotspot data per line. The plan also includes Sprint Global Roaming for you travelers.

Sprint outlines all the details online as well as lets you confirm your phone’s eligibility without having to talk to a single soul.

Will you opt out of those annoying texts that let you know your phone bill is going to be astronomical this month?

I just might.

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. At 2 a.m., her provider texted her to let her know that 1GB of data was added to her account for $15. Wow, thanks.