Got an .Edu Email Address? Use It to Score These 12 Student Discounts

student discounts
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When you’re a college student, everything is expensive. Even cheap stuff.

I mean, how many times have you eaten your ramen off a Frisbee or rinsed and reused a red Solo cup?

But you do get one very valuable thing — aside from your degree, of course — for the cost of your tuition: your .edu email address.

When it’s not delivering you updates on the haps around campus or the insane amount of homework you have due this week, that baby does double duty as a veritable savings factory.

12 Student Discounts You can Get with your .Edu Email Address

To help you get the most out of your golden years, we’ve compiled this list of sweet student discounts you can score just by using your college email address.

And if you’re reading this after turning the tassel, don’t worry: We won’t tell anyone!

If your old student email address is still active, you can certainly try to get these discounts… even if you haven’t been to a college class in ages.

Some Penny Hoarders have reported successful use of old, but active, college email addresses in signing up for discounted services. This is especially true if you had the discount while you were a student, and simply never unsubscribed.

(Note: This “just keep doing what you’re doing while you’re in college” tactic works with very few things in adulthood. Especially not hangovers.)

That said, some people have also encountered companies that found undisclosed ways to verify whether or not that student email address is still assigned to a legitimate student. We’re looking at you, Amazon Prime!

Either way, if you have a .edu address to your name, you may be entitled to the following 12 discounts.

For Pretty Much Anything

1. Amazon Prime Student

Not only will your free shipping and streaming be free for the first six months, but you’ll also get the service at a discounted rate of just $49 (as opposed to $99) per year once your paid subscription kicks in.

Digital Goodies

Want streaming music, digital storage space and more? Get it on the cheap with these services:

2. Spotify

student discounts
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Get 50% off Spotify Premium by signing up with your .edu email address.

3. Apple Music

Love Apple’s fully integrated set of software?

You can get your tunes through Apple Music for just $4.99 per month — about half off its regular rate of $9.99 — by registering with your student email.

4. Microsoft Office

Students are lucky enough to get online versions of Office for freeplus 1TB of online storage. This almost-30-year-old could really use that space!

5. Dropbox Pro

When you store your stuff on the cloud, you’ll never have to freak out about losing a paper at the last minute again.

Students get 2GB free storage space on Dropbox when they sign up with their college email addresses — and you’ll earn more space as you refer friends.

6. Prezi

student discounts
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Have a big presentation coming up?

Prezi is a great way to impress your professor and keep the class interested, even if your subject matter is — through no fault of your own, of course — totally dry. And Prezi’s Edu Enjoy product is totally free to students.

7. Github

Developing is just too useful of a skill not to add to your resume while you’re in college.

And with Github’s free Student Developer Pack, you’ll have tons of resources to learn pro tricks — without paying a dime.

8. Microsoft Imagine Design Software

student discounts
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Want to get your hands on the latest and greatest software design and development tools? You can download a ton of Microsoft products for free with your .edu email address.

9. Norton Antivirus Software

Don’t lie: Your computer is everything to you.

Keep it safe and virus free with Norton — for just half the price.


Staying up-to-date is critical, and not just for that professor who insists you talk about current events every Friday.

Here’s where to get your news for cheap or free — because you’re not just a college student, you’re a student of the world.

10. The New York Times

Want to be able to comment on current events with information from a definitive source?

You can get a subscription to the New York Times for just $1 a week for as long as you’re a student — and it’ll even deliver the goods right to your mobile device.

Although you’ll probably get serious hipster cred if you pull out a legit newspaper in the dining hall. Just saying.

11. The Wall Street Journal

student discounts
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The business-minded among you will be thrilled to know you can get your paws on The Journal for a buck a week, too — and you might even get some networking out of it.

Your complimentary WSJ+ Membership gives you access to “exclusive events” where you can meet other Journal subscribers.

Miscellaneous Shopping

Even if you live on ramen and duct tape, there’s some stuff you’ve just gotta buy. Luckily, your student email address gets you some sweet freebies at the following outlets.

12. Sam’s Club

Get a $15 gift card when you sign up for a Sam’s Club membership with your student ID and .edu email address.

Hey, buying in bulk saves everyone money — students included!

Your Turn: What’s the best freebie you ever got with your .edu email address?

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