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Babylist Is Hiring Remote Reps to Help New Parents Set Up Baby Registries

When I got pregnant, I bounded into a store convinced I was ready to register for precious onesies and a crib.

I broke down crying somewhere in the high chair aisle, overwhelmed by the sheer number of bottle warmers I had never considered before I had a bun in the oven.

Think you’re emotionally prepared to assist expectant parents like me? Babylist may have posted just the job for you.

Babylist is an online service that lets almost parents create a custom baby registry with items from any store, as well as services like receiving a home-cooked meal. It’s seeking a customer service representative to help families set up and manage registries.

This full-time position is for residents of California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas or Wisconsin. (This post explains why some work-from-home jobs are restricted by state.)

Don’t throw a temper tantrum if this position isn’t the best fit for you; check out our Work-From-Home Jobs Portal. We post new opportunities there all the time — and we vet them, too.

Customer Service Representative at Babylist

Pay: Unspecified

Responsibilities include:

  • Answering customer questions via phone and email
  • Soothing soon-to-be parents who’ve just realized that pacifiers come in multiple sizes

Applicants for this position must have:

  • Great writing and speaking skills, particularly when speed is of the essence
  • Quiet space away from your own brood. Because the position is fast-paced and time-sensitive, the company doesn’t want you attempting to work and watch your kids at the same time.
  • The ability to deal with formerly rational people who are now convinced they might accidentally kill their baby if they don’t choose the correct shopping cart cover.

Tiffany Wendeln Connors is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. The smallish person in her life never did get that bottle warmer and has somehow survived.