Turns out 1.1 Billion Identities Were Exposed to Theft in One Year (NBD, Right?)

Identity theft statistics
Marco_Piunti/Getty Images
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Symantec Corporation’s most recent Internet Security Report is 77 pages — but here’s the scary truth:

  • They report 1,209 breaches in recent years.
  • 15 of those breaches exposed more than 10 million identities, deeming them “mega breaches.”
  • The total number of “identities exposed” soared to 1.1 billion
  • The average number of identities exposed in each breach were 927,000.

Do note, these numbers are from across the globe. However, the United States sits pretty (or not) at the top the list of the top 10 countries by number of identities stolen.

Have You Been a Victim of Identity Theft?

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